inner conflict, the evil of all evil

Billions of donations are raised every year, but poverty seems to be getting bigger instead of smaller …
With a population of around 7.6 billion people in the world, if one can assume that 10% of humanity donates € 5 per month (the actual value is far higher), a sum of € 3.8 billion MONTH for a noticeable improvement.
Why doesn’t it
If the root of the tree is spoiled, hardly any edible fruit will grow …

It is not the unwillingness of people to help others, but a general attitude of humanity that leads to the fact that not enough help is given. Billions of bills could be printed again and you will still look for the mistake somewhere other than yourself, why the money does not seem to be enough for everyone. Money won’t create peace or anything like that. Love, the judgment and judgment-free, expectless sharing with his neighbor, regardless of which religion or other worldview he represents, whether he is apparently good or bad, is the only thing that will lead to a situation that is bearable for everyone .
The identification with an ethnic group, a tribe, a country, a religion or other created systems leads to a conflicted community that we call the world. However, we do not recognize the conflicts within ourselves, but look for the conflict outside, which we can observe well around the world. But we don’t have to look that far out into the world, to Syria, Afghanistan or other conflict-ridden areas, but only into our own four walls. How much potential for conflict do we find there? Enough enough to want to distract from it. But why do we prefer to deal with “distant” conflicts instead of dealing with ourselves and our conflicts?
Is it the fear of being your own fault for conflict? The fear of realizing that we are no better ourselves and would do some things the same way if we had this political influence (power in general), i.e. other options in general? (“NO, I would never do that …….”)
Is it naivety to assume that we are perfect and that others are not?
Is it our own ego that makes us think that others are always to blame for mine, but others are only to blame for their suffering?
“It is always others who are responsible for my suffering, if others suffer it is their own fault, they could change location, religion or go to the employment office to get money …….”
What a selfish think right?
Are We Selfish?
Do we perhaps only think too much about our own well-being, which can only be achieved temporarily due to a created system?
Are we doing everything right in our life?
Do we respect and accept the opinion of others?
Do we differentiate and evaluate things too much that we cannot evaluate because we often do not even know the background?
How is our neighbor doing? Are we jealous of people who seem to have more of what society calls good? Are we filled with “hatred” when people close to us no longer meet our expectations and go their own way? Do we have any expectations? What do we expect from life? Are we giving enough to have expectations? Does it make sense to expect “good” in life when we give little or nothing “good”? Are there good and bad at all, or are these also inventions of our conditioned mind? Isn’t what is good for us bad for others, and vice versa? We see the lot of money a person has and do not pay attention to how sick his “soul” is and we do not pay attention to the infinite size of our heart because we waste our life in pursuit of money and other perishable things.
The reader is now required to go inside and check how much of what has been read up to this point could be true.
We always believe that the things we do are right, because anything else would mean that we could make mistakes and that “only others” make mistakes. So the first step is to realize that we are NOT error-free and start forgiving.

During this process of forgiveness, things will suddenly emerge within us that form the basis of our identity. These things are not always beautiful, but incredibly important to recognize and even more important to accept and accept that they are there, because only then can we dissolve them and expose our roots from “dirt” / old habits to a glimmer of our true existence to obtain.
In this process, we realize that all of the things that we think are bad are part of our identity, that we could manipulate and, through true forgiveness, will resolve. In order to further illuminate our true existence, to actually recognize it, another step is necessary.
Tolerance – Nobody has to find what others are doing beautiful, it is enough if we accept it, because we don’t know why they are doing it.
Tolerance works best when we don’t identify with our created identity. If we take it very precisely and believe what we see to be true, then we are 7.6 billion living beings on a COMMON planet called Earth.
The borders, countries and cultures are products of our fantasies. Pure ideas, springing from the minds of people who thought it was good to create “order”. Where can we find a German when Germany is the product of our imagination?
Black is a symbol, a word that has many deaths to answer for. Can you blame a symbol for something, or is it the person who clings to ideas and creates and lives his own idea of good and bad, right and wrong?
Isn’t a high pigmentation a good protection against intense solar radiation and important for a human being that is at home in places that are exposed to precisely this strong solar radiation? Didn’t human beings, who are highly adaptable, evolve according to all geographical realities? Shouldn’t we perhaps incorporate a school subject called life and human studies into the school system?
It is not the system that makes the school, but the teacher … Man also makes the world, not the system, because that is done by human hands.
Forgiveness, tolerance and as the last and probably the “hardest” point, when you consider that love has been made by people into an emotion that is there when there is great interest in a -thing- and hatred arises when this thing is no longer that Meets expectations.
Love is not an emotion!
No chemical compound in the head or body or anything else science thinks it has figured out. Love and hate are inseparable. Love is a universal bond, a universal, all-pervasive force that holds everything together and “hate” is the one responsible for the illusion of isolation / separation that we consider real. We can say that love happens in the “superhuman” and hatred on the material level, the visible.
“Love thy neighbor as thyself…”
“How am I supposed to desire every person or develop a great interest?” Asks the person who is of the false assumption that love is from this world. Desire and interest are mental and emotional states that have nothing to do with love, because love defies all reason. One cannot love and one cannot hate either, it happens! Love is experienced by those who connect with the world and the universe and give up the illusion of isolation. Hatred happens as long as we assume that we are separate beings and that a god somewhere looks down on us and watches eagerly as the devil chases us.
Where is up and where is down in infinity? From where should this god look down now? Love is in God, which means, love is experienced by those who recognize that there is NO separation, no above and no below. That the devil who chases us is our mind that plays the trick of isolation on us every day.
There is no such thing as “the one God”, there is ONLY God!

Stephen Hawkins wrote in his book that nothing has created the universe out of itself and said in relation to the size of the universe: “The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no limit.” Since he could not explain, and therefore rejected, the fact was that this “nothing” is EVERYTHING and of infinite and perfect intelligence. Science is on the verge of shedding its old habits and recognizing for the sake of development (especially its own) that there must be more than the intellect can grasp. The truth cannot be found under the microscope and cannot be packed into formulas. The truth is a limitless unity that not only eludes the mind because the mind presupposes an end and a beginning, but also has nothing to do with this universe and yet the universe only exists because of this “inexplicability” which the Call people god.
Kind of like zero. The zero is a circle, a circle has neither a beginning nor an end. Zero lets everything arise out of itself, is the basic requirement for everything, but does not need anything itself. Zero is the origin of everything and nothing.
But what does all this mean for us? Is what we think is true a lie?
We actually live in ignorance of the truth, which means that everything we think we know is not the truth. A lie is when someone harms someone with falsehood. Since we didn’t know any better, we don’t speak of lies, but actually of ignorance. This ignorance is dangerous because it is an illusion and every person does their part. In this way we create a truth for ourselves that claims human life and brings suffering to the world.
The truth sets us free
We read the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Upanishads and many books whose content is supposed to be the truth; but what if a word is ALWAYS just a symbol? Words are names for something that everyone can understand and see differently. Moses did not write anything down, Lao Tze resisted having his words written down, Jesus did not write a single word and Mohammed did the same because he knew because of the defacement of the words and the meaning. The truth can ONLY be experienced and NEVER put into words. Words are just symbols and vary depending on the person reading it. But people rely on what is written without ever having had their own experience. You follow an idea and cannot speak of knowledge, because knowledge requires experience. Anyone who experiences its true existence realizes the Truth and understands that Truth rises above ANY conflict.
The truth is in God and what is in God is one.
To be one, to be one with God means to be one with all that is. Everything that “is” for me is a part of myself, whether I like it or not. As long as it doesn’t suit me, I should think about what bothers me and why. When I start to question myself and my habits, I come to the realization that everything I think I am is an invention of my environment. As long as I identify with this “invention”, that is what others see in me, what and how I have used things that I have experienced over the years of my existence in this world. So I am an idea, a concept of my parents, my friends and family, the media and their influence on me until I have realized that it is not me, but more than my mirror shows me.
So am I all of this voluntarily or was I actually – brought up -? It is clearly the upbringing of the people who have influenced me. Whether that is / was good shows my current well-being in the situation in which I find myself. The fact is, I have a choice! I can determine my own destiny when I realize that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life. Ideas and evaluations of my trained / conditioned mind are good and bad, it’s all about experiences, about the development process of life itself!
If we want to know who we are, we have to stop being …
We can be anything when we realize that we are nothing …